About Collapsible Window Grilles
Collapsible Window Grilles

Collapsible Window Grilles

Do you want to secure your windows, but don’t want fixed window grilles? Collapsible/retractable security grilles and sliding doors could be the best option for you.

At PJ and Sons, we specialize in all types of folding security grilles; they provide a valuable extra layer of security and protection for doors, windows and other entrance/exit areas that may be a weak entry point.

Our sliding grilles are made in the UK, providing the best security and ventilation. The grilles we provide offer excellent protection against any intruders.

The discreet panels are unobtrusive and neat, when pushed back they do not restrict access in the event of an emergency.

They keep any unwanted visitors out, yet allow daylight in. They can be fitted externally or internally.

More About Collapsible Window Grilles

Our security grilles are manufactured from the highest of quality steel and are fitted internally and can be powder coated for aesthetics and added protection against rust. There are a wide range of different finishes and each gate is fitted with one radial push lock, multiple locks can be added for an additional cost. They provide a silent and smooth operational system and are made to measure, they are ideal for homes, schools, shops, offices and industrial sites.

No one wants to arrive home and find irreplaceable precious valuables and heirlooms missing, or arrive at their office/shop to find all computers with installed software and important data, stolen! The grilles we provide are solid and can be fixed very securely in place and can be used for standalone protection or can be connected to other security systems such as alarms and response teams.

We have over 25 years experience and are committed to offering the best advice on which security grilles will provide the best solutions to meet your budget and requirements. All of our products are available supply only which can save you money, or alternatively one of our experienced engineers can install them for you. Our range of metal fabrications meets today’s modern demands for reliability, aesthetics and safety.

We are proud of what we do, and so take our time to carefully select engineers who are experts in their field of work to join us. Our professional engineers are all metal fabrication specialists and want to make sure we are able to manufacture and fit all of our products, as well as effectively troubleshoot and repair any issues you may have. We work to make sure all of our prices are competitive, affordable and reasonable.

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